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Huge is not just the leading regional supplier of magnetics, plastics, films and paper with the widest selection, quickest delivery and unsurpassed service. Huge is also your best source of innovative substrate solutions for you and your customers. We can help.
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Contrary to some reports, paper is alive and well, particularly Specialty Fine Papers.

Today there are more specialty papers than ever bringing added texture, colour, excitement and appeal to all your projects.

Unleash your creative passion!


But we can make your designs better!

We have a unique selection of special papers that will bring added texture, colour, excitement and appeal to all your projects.

Unleash your creative passion!

Call Huge for more details and a sample pack.

And who knows… with this new knowledge, you may actually become a better designer…

Absolutely. All our Specialty Fine Papers including Gold and Silver Mirri Board, Pearlescents, and Photo Lustre print equally well on iGen or HP Indigo presses and we have print test samples to prove it. Better yet, test it for yourself on your machine with our compliments.

As heavy as you need it to be. Our carta integra c1s cover stock comes in 10, 12, 14, 16, and an unbelievable 18pts but still scores and folds beautifully with no cracking. Get a free sample kit and see for yourself. Always in stock. Fast free delivery.

Because our high-performance papers consistently run smoothly and crack-free. Guaranteed.

Lots. Our gold and silver Mirri Board, Pearlescents, and Photo Lustre specialty papers will give your customers the WOW factor and added creative dimension they want. Call Huge for more information and a copy of our new Signature Series swatch book.



Waterproof. Tear-resistant. 100% tree-free. Print. Packaging. Labels. Signage.

Whatever your synthetic substrate challenge, there’s a durable YUPO product to meet your needs.

YUPO is the world leader in synthetic papers:

Original • Accel • Blue • Octopus • Jelly • illuminate

In stock, priced right, and available now

Our Synthetic Substrates Reference Guide features 7 synthetic substrates and has answers to the most frequently asked questions including advantages, press compatibility, finishing and coating options, durability, and popular applications. A great resource at your fingertips. Call 1.888.428.4218 to get your copy.

It’s important to use a stock specifically formulated for your machine. We can help. Our industry-leading polyesters are rigorously tested on all the leading digital presses. Call Huge for a recommendation on the right polyester for your project and your press. 1.888.428.4218

It’s all about choosing the right stock for both the project and your press. Our industry-leading Polyesters are the best options available for toner adhesion and runnability. Call Huge for advice and a free test pack of Polyester.1.888.428.4218

No, each manufacturer has different specifications, requirements and quirks. However, we have a full range of synthetic substrates specifically engineered for each of the major digital press brands. We can help. Call Huge – 1.888.428.4218.

Not if you use GPA Ultra Green synthetic film. Specially formulated for offset and HP Indigo digital presses, it uses standard inks and prints like paper with the durability of plastic. It’s also naturally resistant to water, grease and oil and will not yellow or become brittle in the sun. To learn more, call Huge at 1.888.428.4218.

Huge has a full range of plastic substrates that you can run successfully and profitably in-house. We fully understand the challenges of both digital and offset. We can help. Call Huge – 1.888.428.4218.


Find out about our unique Magnetics Swatch Book, the only one of its kind in Canada, and how you can quickly and easily get into this growing and profitable market. Don’t get left behind. Call Huge now at 1.888.428.4218 to learn more.

No. Huge has 4 entry-level magnetic substrates in stock now that you can print on with your existing equipment. Call to find out more about how you can increase sales and profits in this growing product category.

No fear. Huge has the products and expertise to enable you to run magnetic products safely and profitably. We’ll show you how.

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AutoMARK is specifically engineered to resist frigid Canadian winters and hot, sweltering summers. The service temperature for AutoMARK ranges from -40°C up to +93°C. With excellent water and humidity resistance, AutoMARK stands up to the harshest elements.

Check it out for yourself.

Easy. Huge has an unmatched selection of signage substrates in stock in both litho and digital sizes including adhesive and non-adhesive plastics, magnetics, and synthetics. Increase profitability with your existing equipment. Call Huge to find out more and get a copy of our new stock and price list. 1.888.428.4218

Signage is the fastest growing segment in the graphic arts industry. Huge is your single source for plastics, magnets and paper. Huge has the products, advice and in-store marketing solutions to help you grow your business and increase profitability.

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Our new industry-leading 48-page, colour-coded, easy-to-use PRICE BOOK will help you generate faster, more accurate quotes so you can spend more time actually producing the work.

Absolutely. We have what you need. Best selection. Complete size range. Same-day delivery on most orders. Try us. Call Huge at 1.888.428.4218.