Cohesive Covers

Luxuriously thick 34pt applications with no special equipment

Create double-thick applications without special equipment

This new paper makes it easier than ever to create double-thick applications without special equipment, boasting 20% added thickness over similar products in the marketplace.

Cohesive Cover Paper makes it simple to create luxuriously thick 34 pt. applications. It is the popular choice for adding value to hang tags, postcards, business cards, holiday cards, wedding invitations, birth announcements, and more. Its compatibility with a variety of finishing processes ensures maximum post-press versatility; this paper can be die-cut, glued, laminated, UV coated, and foil stamped for truly customized applications.

This sheet’s premium formulation ensures superior ink adhesion, exceptional print quality, and beautiful image reproduction on HP Indigo presses. Its base sheet is a premium, bright white facestock with a blue-white shade that provides a vibrant backdrop for applications that call for added impact and higher perceived value. Print service providers will like working with this sheet because there are no liners to contend with. To use this paper, just print, apply pressure and finish as normal.



Digital Weights & Sizes

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