Huge Paper Introduces Touch Class Specialty Fine Papers

Huge Paper is proud to announce the addition of GPA’s Touch Class Specialty Fine Papers to their offering. As their name implies, this collection is meant to be experienced through touch; with a rich tactile feel and a special surface treatment, these papers offer added resistance to fingerprints, water, and even oils, far surpassing traditional paper performance.

Huge adds GPA Constellation Jade Riccio Cover

Huge proudly announces the latest addition to our line-up of specialty papers: GPA’s Constellation Jade Riccio Cover. Delight the senses with GPA’s Constellation Jade. Embedded in every sheet are special pearl-effect pigments which are off-machine embossed.

New Print Trend: Xerox iGen5 White Dry Ink

What are some of the newest print trends to emerge? It’s all about White Dry Ink. More specifically, it’s about throughput efficiency and cost. New Xerox iGen5 White Dry Ink (yes, I said “ink” – not toner) boasts that ONE hit of Xerox white is equivalent to FOUR hits of HP white.

Huge Paper adds GPA Gold and Silver Mirri Boards to its product offering

When it comes to reflective papers engineered to impress look no further than Mirri. Manufactured using an exceptionally high quality film, the brightness of the metalized surface provides a mirror finish which is further enhanced by the smoothness of the cast-coated board to which it is laminated.

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