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A Premium Performance House Brand

Performance, cost, and quality perfectly balanced

nice house brand

Prints Better
Costs Less

Developing a house sheet program that balances performance, cost, and quality can be a difficult task. Have you considered the exclusive collection of Nice Papers? Nice brands provide excellent value and are comparable to traditional house brands at up to 10% less cost. That means higher margins for you, more competitive quotes, or an opportunity for your customers to trade up to a better sheet.


Nice Premium papers are the choice of designers and printers who want to deliver an elevated sensory experience.

nice art gloss

#1 Premium Italian Gloss Paper

nice art silk

#1 Premium Italian Silk Paper

nice ultra opaque

#1 Premium Italian Opaque Paper

nice ultra print

#1 Premium Italian Super Smooth Paper


Nice Performance papers deliver results. They dry faster, fold easier and reproduce colour brilliantly at a cost-effective price point.

nice gloss C2S

#2 Brilliant Coated Gloss Paper

nice gloss C1S

Crack-Free Coated Paper

nice brite PRO

#2 Performance Paper

nice brite

#3 Performance Paper

nice weights

Trade Up
Trade Down

Nice papers have you covered in all weight classes from 50lb feather weights to 24pt heavy weights. The nice collection gives you the flexibility to trade up trade down to meet the evolving demands of your customers.



nice sizes

More Sizes
More Choices

The nice collection of papers are available in all the popular weights and sizes for indigo, iGen, and other high performance digital presses. Keep your presses running in high-gear with sheets precision cut to meet your needs.


sheet sizes


sheet sizes

nice performance

Dare to

Let us demonstrate how the nice collection stacks up against the competition. We’ll come right to your doorstep to prove that our papers compete in all good, better, best categories while leaving the competition in the dust.

press test kit nice house brand

Press Test Kits

Pick a time, and we’ll run a comparison test against your favourite house brand with any print project you choose. We’re so confident of our digital substrates performance that we’ll even pick up the tab for the competitor’s paper stock.

sample pack nice house brand

Sample Packs

Feel the difference a nice paper can make. Compare the look, feel, price, and performance of nice papers against the leading competitive house brands. Order a complimentary sample pack.
huge price book nice house brand

Price Book

Nice papers are comparable to traditional house brands at up to 10% less cost. The new price book is now available in two easy-to-use formats, a durable, synthetic printed version and a digital PDF.
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