Semi-Gloss Paper / Pre-Mag

A lightweight, high-performance magnetic sheet for litho printing

MessageMag is a pre-magnetized, paperlaminated, actual magnet designed to feed smoothly through your offset or flexo presses. The result is high-quality magnetic pieces with greater holding strength than similar magnetic paper products on the market.




Digital Weights & Sizes

Magnum Magnetics MessageMag Sheets Weights and Sizes


Magnum® flexible magnetic sheeting performs well in adverse weather (such as rain, sleet and snow), and in temperatures from -15° F to 160° F (-26° C to 71° C). UV coating will protect inks and increase weatherability.


Magnum Magnetics MessageMag Print Applications

Magnum Magnetics Specifier Kit

Get your hands on a limited edition printable magnetics specifier kit. Contact the Huge sample studio at 416.491.8111.