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SolviT Large Format Display Media


SolviT is the solution for sign and display media

SolviT has been engineered to help boost print quality and maximize on-press performance while reducing production costs. You can trust SolviT for your most demanding applications with consistent quality, delivered when you need it.

SolviT Poster Paper

An economical, short-term signage solution with outdoor durability

SolviT Poster Paper is a high-wet strength paper perfect for short-term signage requirements that require outdoor durability and works well in high-humidity environments. This economical product is scratch resistant and can be folded without cracking printed images.

SolviT Backlit Film

SolviT Backlit Film sets a higher standard for premium quality lightbox media

With a proprietary coating, Backlit Film is designed for high ink saturation while reproducing sharp, vivid colours. The substrate’s natural white shade supports warm tones while providing outstanding night or day image quality. Backlit Film’s pure polyester base is anti-static, anti-curl (high stiffness), and high-heat resistant.

SolviT Stayflat Banner

An excellent medium-term signage solution for indoor and outdoors

SolviT Stayflat Banner is a pure polyester banner with an ultra-smooth, flat surface. A high whiteness point enables a wide colour gamut and deep, rich colour. The high image definition and line clarity provide a better resolution and sharpness of images. SolviT Stayflat Banner is an excellent solution for many medium-term indoor and outdoor banner applications.

SolviT PVC Flex Banner

A highly durable, lightweight outdoor banner

Solvit PVC Flex Outdoor Banner is tear and fade-resistant, making it perfect for all scrim banner applications. The 440 gsm, high tensile 840×840 Denier makes the Solvit PVC Flex Banner strong and highly durable for indoor and outdoor applications.

SolviT Self-Adhesive Vinyl

A high-quality, long-lasting vinyl with a durable matte coating

SolviT Self-Adhesive Vinyl has an ultra-removable adhesive and a durable matte coating. The permanent acrylic adhesive provides a strong, long-term bond for most outdoor applications.

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