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26 JAN 2024

Runs like a paper, tough as a synthetic.

PaperTyger® prints and converts like a paper but is tough as a synthetic with new tear-free technology. It runs smoothly on all the leading digital and litho presses, doesn’t require any special inks or setups, and no prolonged drying times.

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17 NOV 2023

Achieve the perfect balance of shade, opacity and brightness.

Inspira Opaque’s super smooth surface perfectly balances shade, opacity, and brightness (98) in an uncoated sheet. The refined, velvety texture is expertly crafted to ensure consistent delivery and performance every time.

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7 NOV 2023

Metsä Pro FBB Bright: Strong, lightweight paperboards that score shaper.

Metsä Pro FBB Bright’s unique multi-layer construction creates a chip-free cover that scores really sharp every time. In addition, excellent sheet-cutting quality enables dust-free printing.

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16 OCT 2023

Inspira Opaque: A Premium Super Smooth Paper

Inspira Opaque delivers exceptional value and performance – the new #1 uncoated sheet without the #1 price. The premium surface enhances whiteness and 98 brightness for superior image quality with rich, vibrant hues and crystal-clear reproduction. Inspira Opaque increases all the essential attributes of an uncoated sheet without increasing costs.

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2 OCT 2023

Dream big, print bigger

Your choice for signage solutions just got bigger. Huge has added these new high-performance, high-compatibility options to our large format library, including YUPO, General Formulations and Magnum Magnetics – making Huge one of Canada’s most comprehensive and versatile sign shops.

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14 AUG 2023

now available: inspira opaque and metsä pro

You asked for it, and we listened. Huge has added two new champions to the most competitive print and packaging line-up in the printing industry.

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5 JUN 2023

You talk, we listen.
Yes, it’s that simple

Have you seen our current catalogue? It wasn’t built in a day. It took years of listening, talking and collaborating with print professionals to source the best products at the best price.

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23 MAY 2023

Decorative signage as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Start with a 30 mil Magnet Base–build walls with it, apply it to existing walls–create a versatile foundation for any message—available double magnetized or adhesive backed to stick to any surface.

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1 MAY 2023

tap into the BEST selection of synthetics for retail

When it comes to in-store sheet signage applications, few can match our weights, sizes, finishes – and above all, service. Name your retail project! We’ll provide the synthetic digital substrates you need for indoor/outdoor signage, POP displays, floor graphics, window/door clings, and more. We carry all the most popular synthetic sheets in the sizes and thicknesses you need to expand your business.

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17 APR 2023

the premier BLACK folding board

Ultra Black is the most intense, deepest black, satin-smooth paper for high-end packaging print you’ve ever imagined. Yes, it even outperforms the Neenah competitor!

Take your high-end packaging print quality to unprecedented new levels with Ultra Black — another Huge exclusive.

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3 APR 2023

the new never-tear category champion

Poly G allows you to trade up or down with three grades: 100% PolyesterBlended Polyester, and Paper Polyester. You simply choose the ideal grade for your budget, digital press, and customers. With the new Poly G Swatch Kit, you can generate faster, more accurate quotes – save time, save money, and expand your business.

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6 MAR 2023

Trade up to the best litho synthetic sheet

YUPO Fast-Dry Accel is undoubtedly the Mercedes-Benz of synthetic substrates – especially when you compare YUPO Fast-Dry Accel products for offset and lithographic presses against Zodia and PolyArt.

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21 FEB 2023

There’s no need to choose. We have the answer. NiceArt looks better and prints better.

Have you compared the NiceArt line-up against EuroArt and Creator? Simply put, NiceArt looks and performs better on-press and is just as cost-competitive as EuroArt and Creator. 

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6 FEB 2023

Why do successful printers choose Magnum Magnetics over Newlife?

Most printers take 60 seconds to find out how Magnum Magnetics beat Newlife. The quality and range of Magnum Magnetics are unmatched; they’re 100% lead-free, non-toxic, and provide a long-lasting, reusable alternative to single-use products.

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16 JAN 2023

Huge Paper brings high-performance Poly G polyester papers to Canada

These exceptionally durable papers will be available exclusively from Huge Paper in three options: 100% Polyester, Blended Polyester and Paper Polyester – a unique solution you won’t get from competitors who stock only one type of polyester paper grade.

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19 DEC 2022

Huge Greetings for the Holidays!

A HUGE thank you for all the ways we connected and collaborated to make 2022 a prosperous year. We forged new partnerships, implemented new ideas… and worked around challenging supply chain issues!View Newsletter | Voir le bulletin

5 DEC 2022

Switch and Save

With niceArt, you get a lot more for a lot less. If you compare the whiteness, touch-point, quality, and available weights and sizes – you’ll understand why more printers are switching from EuroArt and Supreme to niceArt.

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31 OCT 2022

Premium synthetics without the premium price.

YUPO’s exceptional opacity and pressroom performance deliver superior results. Huge offers Canada’s largest inventory support program with the full range of YUPO’s industry-leading weights and sizes.

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17 OCT 2022

Prints better. Costs less.

Nice Art papers deliver #1 performance without the #1 price. That means higher margins for you, more competitive quotes, or an opportunity for your customers to trade up to a better sheet. Dare to compare.

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3 OCT 2022

Forget all the b@*#$t of the big paper merchants.

Small is the new big. We’re not a massive, multi-division merchant that’s slow to react and gets bogged down by processes, systems, and procedures. We’re quick, agile, and forward-thinking – our size is our greatest strength.

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14 NOV 2022

Think outside the big box.

We understand that printing is more than a product or commodity –
it’s not just ink on paper. You are a communications partner that sells solutions. We’re here to help.

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24 MAY 2022

New…Sirio Ultra Black

The most unique and the most intense shade of Black satin-smooth paper ever produced by a paper mill—our blackest black yet!

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25 APR 2022

Patio Season is Coming!

Meet our three patio stars. Huge has a synthetic for every and any menu application. Our selection is industry leading—dare to compare!

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4 APR 2022

New Italian Metallic Papers

If you’re looking for a high-end, colour-rich, intense pearlescent metallic—the Cocktail Collection is it!

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11 FEB 2022

Need a refresh?

We levelled up and made huge…huger in 2021. And we’re working on bringing more inspiration, more creativity and more solutions for print, packaging and signage in 2022.

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19 NOV 2021

How big is small?

We’re not a big expensive organization. We focus on a great price point and quality substrates. Our structure is scalable to help us react to what you need today. Being smaller and more flexible, our size is our greatest strength. The world needs small.

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5 NOV 2021

Say yes to more sizes, more selection and more support

Huge is committed to helping our amazing customers with a bolstered catalogue of digital substrates that are in stock ready to ship. Let us show you how we can be your preferred provider for digital papers, synthetics, and magnetics.

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28 JUL 2021

Huge Paper Ideas is an RGD Gold Sponsor

Huge Paper Ideas is proud to be a Gold Sponsor of the RGD. We have designers who cater to the design industry and strive to uphold the same values of design excellence in our print and paper industry.

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23 JUL 2021

Thank you for entering our RGD prize giveaway!

During the week of May 3-7, 2021, the RGD held a virtual in-house career conference—Creative Directions. As a Gold Sponsor, Huge Paper raffled an iTunes gift card prize.

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28 JUN 2021

Huge ideas about coffee

Coffee is often the star of our mornings—and this month we’ve got a Triple Feature of ideas to share! Coffee is one of the things that hasn’t changed about our work-from-home routine.

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28 JUN 2021

Are you stuck on printing solutions for tricky surfaces?

With magnetic, adhesive, and micro-suction cup solutions, your messaging will not meet a surface it doesn’t like. Smooth or rough, reusable or permanent, more options for you means more opportunities to present to your clients.

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19 MAY 2021

Huge ideas about paper

How does your paper work with your brand? We want to change the way designers work with paper and printers. The digital world is changing, and no one should be left behind.

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12 APR 2021

Elevate your brand and engage growth opportunities

Increase brand engagement with unique and innovative substrates. Textured substrates with digital embellishments can increase engagement and elevate your brand to new levels.

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4 MAR 2021

Take your designs to a new level with brilliant Mirri Metallics.

When it comes to reflective papers engineered to impress look no further than Mirri. The brightness of mirri card provides a mirror finish enhanced by the smoothness of the cast-coated board.

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11 FEB 2021

Cocktail designer papers with a shimmering pearl sheen and a subtle, textured surface

This Huge exclusive collection from the renowned Italian Fabriano mill comes in twelve intense shades named after mouth-watering drinks. Cocktail papers are not only intoxicating to look at, but are also enticing with a rich, tactile surface.

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10 Dec 2020

The Narrow Format Digital Idea Guide

Spark new ideas or find a signage solution for walls, windows, floors or doors with the idea guide—ideal for applications in the Retail, Food and Beverage, Healthcare, or Hospitality industries.

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