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poly g - the new never-tear category champion

poly g

High Performance Polyester Substrates for Digital Presses

Poly G sets a higher standard for quality, consistency, and performance in a polyester paper. With a contender in every class, you have the advantage to trade up or trade down for optimal print results. Choose from 100% Polyester for premium results, Blended Polyester for balanced cost and performance, or Paper Polyester for the most cost-effective, durable results. Gain a competitive advantage with Poly G in your corner.

Weights + Sizes

100% Polyester

Poly G One Hundred Percent Polyester Weights and Sizes

Blended Polyester

Poly G Blended Polyester Weights and Sizes

Paper Polyester

A blend of Paper and Polyester that has a high tear-resistance.

Poly G Paper Polyester Weights and Sizes

Press Compatibility

Premium Performance

Poly G’s technically superior surface prints better and costs less than any synthetic in its category. Our proprietary coating is designed to help toner fully adhere to the sheet with no wipe-off. Poly G has been developed for Indigo, Xerox, Ricoh, Canon, Konica Minolta, and other high-performance liquid and dry toner digital presses.

Product Attributes

Premium Polyester

100% Polyester / Blended Polyester / Paper Polyester

Poly G is made from premium polyester and designed for protecting your print well beyond what regular papers can provide. Prime-grade polyester provides a solid core making it perfect for hardworking applications that require added strength and durability.


Poly g is a coated polyester-based substrate that offers superior waterproof properties even in the most adverse conditions. Poly g can stand up to the most extreme weather conditions.

Durable & Tear-Resistant

Poly g offers extra strength and durability when you compare it with other competitors’ synthetic products. Extruded polyester provides a solid core making it impossible to tear with your hands.

High-Heat Resistance

Poly g can take the heat compared to many of the leading competitive synthetic products. The high-heat resistance of poly g can handle up to 490F of heat, making them easy to work with on any digital press.

Grease & Alcohol Resistant

Whether it’s grease, wine, or oil–poly g resists it. Poly g is perfect for restaurant menus, manuals, plant tags or any hardworking application where durability is paramount.

Scuff-Free Coating

Poly G’s proprietary coating is designed to help dry and liquid toner fully adhere to the sheet with no wipe-off and exceptional scuff resistance.

Minimal Static

Poly g papers are engineered to minimize static after printing making your post-press work faster and more efficient.

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