Poly G Premium

Scuff-free / Anti-static / Waterproof / Tear-resistant / Excellent Alcohol and Stain Resistance

Poly G sets a higher standard for quality, consistency, and performance for a polyester

These high-performance polyester papers will improve your machine uptime, reduce headaches, and increase your margins with their cost-effective price point.

A hard-working, affordable synthetic

Poly G’s engineered with prime-grade polyester for protecting your print well beyond what regular papers can provide. These durable synthetic papers are scuff-free, waterproof, tear-resistant, anti-static, and have excellent alcohol and stain resistance. Poly G is perfect for hard-working applications that require durability at an affordable price point.

Compatible with your press

Poly G’s coatings are designed to help toner anchor to the surface while reproducing vivid colour. This top-coat also helps Poly G to be printed with any dry toner digital press and has indigo certification for wet toner inks. Poly G has been developed for Indigo, Xerox, Ricoh, Canon, Konica Minolta, and other high-performance digital presses.

Improve your press up-time

Poly G’s technically superior surface will run better than any synthetic in the market. Poly G won’t melt your fuser; toner fully adheres to the sheet with no wipe-off and will never contaminate your machine. We’re so confident of Poly G’s performance that we’ll come right to your door to run a press test against the leading competitor–we’ll even pick up the tab for the competition’s sheet.





Why choose Poly G?



Poly G is a coated polyester-based substrate that offers superior waterproof properties even in the most adverse conditions. Poly G can stand up to the most extreme weather conditions.


Durable & Tear Resistant

Poly G offers extra strength and durability when you compare it with other competitors’ synthetic products. Extruded polyester provides a solid core making it impossible to tear with your hands.

high heat resistance

High Heat Resistance

Poly G can take the heat compared to many of the leading competitive synthetic products. The high-heat resistance of Poly G can handle up to 490F of heat, making them easy to work with on any digital press.

grease and alcohol resistant

Grease & Alcohol Resistant

Whether it’s grease, wine, or oil–Poly G resists it. Poly G is perfect for restaurant menus, manuals, plant tags or any hardworking application where durability is paramount.



Not all synthetic papers have a polyester base. Poly G papers are polyester-based and are entirely recyclable and tree-free.



Poly G papers are engineered to minimize static after printing making your post-press work faster and more efficient.

Available Sizes, Weights, and Finishes for Digital Presses

Poly G is readily available in the most popular sheet sizes and weights for Indigo, Xerox, Ricoh, Canon, Konica Minolta, and other high-performance digital presses. We also carry Extra Long Sheet (XLS) sizes for Xerox iGen4, igen5, and Iridesse platforms. In addition, Poly G comes in various finishes, including; white, metallics, frosted, clear, canvas and more.


Poly G Premium Non Adhesive Synthetics Weights and Sizes White Opaque


Poly G Premium Non Adhesive Synthetics Weights and Sizes Metallic


Poly G Premium Non Adhesive Synthetics Weights and Sizes Transparent


Poly G Premium Non Adhesive Synthetics Weights and Sizes Signage
Huge ideas about paper

If you’re stuck evolving your brand in print, packaging or signage—Huge Paper can help. Visit HugePaperIdeas.com for design ideas, new substrates—and what we’re making with them!

Poly G Ideas

Huge has the best in class selection of #synthetics in the marketplace! Whether you’re looking for #adhesive, #nonadhesive—for digital, litho or wide format, we have a synthetic that will perform for you. Take the guesswork out of selecting the best materials for your project or presses.

*We have synthetics for performance
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Visit our hugepaperideas.com website for signage ideas made from synthetics!

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We’re fans of the #PATTERN beauty branding! A haircare product line designed by #TraceeEllisRoss 🙌🏾 Not only is the packaging design of their entire product line ON POINT, but so are the product displays. 

This display at #Sephora presents opportunities to change the #ShelfTalkers. A shelf-talker is a paper sign used by retailers or wholesalers to provide information about the products placed on the shelf, and attract customer attention. 

But you can also use a GPA #styrene (opaque or translucent) or #RigidVinyl (clear, gold, silver) for greater durability and reuse in future. Change your message seasonally or to promote special sales. 

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Paper can inherently communicate with colour. When introducing coloured stock to a project—it shows—right through to the edge.

It can make the difference in an annual report #cover, section #divider in a manual, be converted to #envelopes, make an impact as a #businesscard, or make a #package stand out. 

Communicate with colour + connect with @hugepaperinc.

Ask us about any of our coloured substrates available in: uncoated, metallic, polyester, vinyl

+ GPA Pearlescents
+ GPA Silver/Gold rigid vinyl
+ Mirri Board
+ Mirri Cocktail
+ Mirror Card (reflective)
+ Mirri Sparkle
+ Poly G Silver/Gold
+ Sirio Pearl Cover

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Poly G Samples

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