YUPO® Octopus and YUPOJelly®

Micro-suction technology that grips any smooth, flat surface

Discover the power of micro-suction technology

It sticks without messy adhesives. It adheres to a wide array of smooth surfaces. Then it can be removed and reused – over and over again. It’s YUPO® Octopus, the self-adhesive synthetic paper that’s being used in dozens of exciting applications around the world.

YUPO® began with all of the signature attributes of its YUPO® Synthetic Paper and added micro-suction “cups” to one side of the substrate. These tiny suction cups grip any flat, smooth surface. Originally designed for use on HP® Indigo printers, YUPO® Octopus is a totally clean adhesive paper option with virtually limitless applications and new printing options. It prints beautifully and can be peeled and safely adhered to a multitude of smooth surfaces, then removed and reapplied for multiple uses.





The best ideas just stick

Available Sheet and Roll Sizes

YUPO® Octopus (white) is readily available in digital sheet sizes and wide format rolls for UV, Ink Jet, and Latex wide-format presses. YUPOJelly® comes in wide format rolls for UV and Ink Jet printers. YUPO® Octopus and YUPOJelly® are NOT compatible with laser printers.

Digital Sheet Sizes

YUPO Octopus® (white)

YUPO Octopus Digital Non Adhesive Synthetic Weights and Sizes

Wide Format Rolls

YUPO® Octopus (white) and YUPOJelly® (clear)

YUPO Octopus and Jelly Non Adhesive Synthetic Wide Format Rolls Weights and Sizes

Why choose YUPO® Octopus and YUPOJelly®?



YUPO® Octopus and YUPOJelly® are waterproof and naturally resistant to water, grease and oil. Perfect for indoor and short-term* outdoor applications.

* Short-term outdoor applications are dependent upon the application and not recommended for extended periods of time.


Incredibly Strong

YUPO® Octopus and YUPOJelly® were engineered with the signature attributes of YUPO® Synthetic Papers. As a result, they provide an extremely tough, tear-resistant printable surface that holds up to the most demanding customers.


Super Sticky

YUPO® Octopus and YUPOJelly® adhere to virtually any smooth surface without static cling, magnetism, or messy adhesives. You can use them on glass**, PVC, aluminum, coated paper, and it’s safe to use on electrical surfaces.

** NOT compatible with heat-tempered glass.
child safe


YUPO® Octopus and YUPOJelly® are PVC-free, non-toxic, adhesive-free, and child safe. The perfect solution for games, books, children’s floor mats, restaurant menu displays, and more!



YUPO® Octopus and YUPOJelly® are repositionable, removable, and reusable. Rinse with water after removal, dry thoroughly, and store for reuse later–over and over again.

white or clear

White or Clear

You have options for your applications. YUPO® Octopus is available in white, and YUPOJelly® provides a clear finish that allows you to see your printed work from both sides—perfect for window applications.

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