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YUPO® Octopus YUPOJelly®

YUPO® Octopus YUPOJelly®

Discover the power of micro-suction technology​

It sticks without messy adhesives. It adheres to a wide array of smooth surfaces. Then it can be removed and reused – over and over again. It’s YUPO® Octopus, the self-adhesive synthetic paper that’s being used in dozens of exciting applications around the world.

YUPO® began with all of the signature attributes of its YUPO® Synthetic Paper and added micro-suction “cups” to one side of the substrate. These tiny suction cups grip any flat, smooth surface. Originally designed for use on HP® Indigo printers, YUPO® Octopus is a totally clean adhesive paper option with virtually limitless applications and new printing options. It prints beautifully and can be peeled and safely adhered to a multitude of smooth surfaces, then removed and reapplied for multiple uses.





The best ideas just stick

Available Sheet and Roll Sizes

YUPO® Octopus (white) is readily available in digital sheet sizes and wide format rolls for UV, Ink Jet, and Latex wide-format presses. YUPOJelly® comes in wide format rolls for UV and Ink Jet printers. YUPO® Octopus and YUPOJelly® are NOT compatible with laser printers.

Digital Sheet Sizes

YUPO Octopus® (white)

YUPO Octopus Digital Non Adhesive Synthetic Weights and Sizes

Wide Format Rolls

YUPO® Octopus (white) and YUPOJelly® (clear)

YUPO Octopus and Jelly Non Adhesive Synthetic Wide Format Rolls Weights and Sizes

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