YUPO Octopus and Jelly

Micro-suction technology that grips any smooth, flat surface

The movable no-adhesive synthetic paper

YUPO began with all of the signature attributes of its YUPO® Synthetic Paper and added micro-suction “cups” to one side of the substrate. These tiny suction cups grip any flat, smooth surface. Originally designed for use on HP® Indigo printers, YUPO Octopus is a totally clean adhesive paper option with virtually limitless applications and new printing options. It prints beautifully and can be peeled and safely adhered to a multitude of smooth surfaces, then removed and reapplied for multiple uses.

  • Micro-suction technology – tiny suction cups formed on one side grip any flat, smooth surface
  • No magnets or static, so it’s safe to use on electrical surfaces
  • Grades available for various print methods
  • A totally clean adhesive paper option – no messy residue and no shrinkage
  • Works on glass, PVC, aluminum, coated paper and more
  • Can be rinsed with water. Allow to dry thoroughly and reapply
  • Applied easily and smoothly with no shrinkage or stretching
  • For indoor and short-term outdoor use application. Short-term outdoor applications are dependent upon application and not recommended for extended periods of time.




YUPO Octopus

Digital Weights & Sizes

YUPO Octopus Digital Non Adhesive Synthetic Weights and Sizes

YUPO Octopus and Jelly

Wide Format Rolls


YUPO Octopus and Jelly Non Adhesive Synthetic Wide Format Rolls Weights and Sizes