YUPO Accel® Fast-Dry

Fast-drying gloss synthetic paper

80% faster drying times for up to one-day job turnaround

YUPO Accel® is the fastest-drying synthetic paper on the market. If you need the performance, beauty and an 80% faster drying time on the paper you’ve come to trust as the smoothest, most durable synthetic available, think fast and think YUPO Accel®.

  • Rich, gloss surface
  • Excellent colour reproduction
  • Exceptional stiffness
  • Printing Speeds of up to 7,000 sheets per hour
  • Variety of grades for unique print needs
  • Bright whites and opaques




Offset / Litho Weights & Sizes

YUPO Accel Fast Dry Non Adhesive Synthetic Litho Weights and Sizes