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Touch Class

Resists Fingerprints, Varnishes, Oils, and Water

The first uncoated papers endorsed by Scodix and MGI technologies

Touch Class® is the first range of uncoated papers and boards in the world ensuring resistance to fingerprints, stains, varnishes, solvents, oils and water as the ideal support for the digital coating and enhancement (Scodix® technology and similar).





Digital Weights & Sizes

GPA Tintoretto and Nature Touch Class Covers Digital Specialty Papers Weights and Sizes

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Huge has the most extensive sample program in the industry. We offer Sample Packs, Swatch Kits, and Press Test Kits for nearly every product. Ask for Panicos in the sample studio at 416-491-8111 or click the button below and complete the form.

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Huge has a team of specialists that can guide you through almost any print challenge. Whether you need information on adhesive properties and surface compatibility, guidance running an unusual substrate, or if you want to learn how to increase your efficiency, we can help.