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Mirri Sparkle

Glittering Metallic Papers / A Huge Exclusive

Mirri Sparkle offers customers a distinctive glitter texture that sparkles in the light

The high-quality metallic film is laminated to a premium white-backed folding box-board. The surface of the film is treatable with print, as well as other print finishing options, from foil blocking to screen processes, enabling customers to create extremely attractive and unique options.

Mirri Sparkle has already received great interest from the high-end packaging and point of sale markets. The unusual film has a glitter texture, providing a tactile experience, as well as a glitter effect with a metallic luster and shimmer.

When you overprint on Mirri Sparkle, either through digital or litho means, you can create any colour ‘sparkle’ you wish. If you use white ink, it masks the glitter effect, adding more subtlety to the film and design.

Glitter will not come off on your hands nor in your equipment. Most existing “Glitter”-Type papers have rough, “sandpappery” feeling but Mirri Sparkle is fairly smooth.





Offset / Litho Weights & Sizes

Legion Mirri Sparkle Specialty Papers Litho Weights and Sizes